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    Herewegoooo · 27 days ago
    Do you have anything for watching live sports?
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    jeremija krstic · 1 months ago
    any good windows 7 sp1?
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      Dood McMan · 1 months ago
      @jeremija krstic
      Mr. Ramsey refuses 2 enhance Windows 7, which is much worse than XPin many ways, but infinitely superior to anything from Micro$hit that cae after it, because his goal is not 2 actually help people but just gain clicks 2 his web site =))  People who need 2 do actual work can't do N E thing well with Windows HATE (8) or other 'half-azzed tablet trash' like 11, etc.  Ideally somebody should make a 'program compatibility interface' where U can dump the 'dlls' & 'kernel' from later OSes into XP so can run crippleware bull$hit apps written by idiotic, sadistic programmers who pretend they should not support XP, without needing a virtual machine or emulator =) I've tried the other things on this site including 7 & am moving back 2 XP with 7 & others running in 'virtualbox' when iNeed 'compatibility' because everything else about those OSes is absolute $hit compared 2 XP, which is WAAAY more efficient & usable ~> https://archive.org/details/windows-7-sp-1-aiox-64-x-86-multi-complete-pre-activated-update-septemper BTW: Another very annoying thing Mr. Ramsey does is refuse 2 share N E virtual box virtual machine versions of his OSes with everything running, like proper audio & video for streaming Youtube = lame.  He can post them on archive.org N E time free & nobody will mind, but no = he is sadistic & wants U 2 not have a better solution, just half baked semi-solutions.  iEven offer 2 pay him through escrow so can't $cam him but he doesn't care = doesn't want money, just 2 'fuk around' = LAME! =;-o
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    Marakovinov Anghelopoulomov · 4 months ago
    Hello Please I need This Build Off Windows 7 Sp1 Resident Evil NRVL -64-Bit Thank u If Anyone Can Help me To Get It Thank u So Much ...
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    vip3r · 5 months ago
    thanks a lot guys

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    Rashid · 7 months ago
    any one know how to run keygen in windows 11

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      Ss · 7 months ago
      @Rashid Often they are detected as viruses (false-positives) so you should temporary disable Windows Defender. Go to it , go to virus protection, manage, and uncheck / disable real time protection, cloud sample and all those. Run keygen (make sure its a keygen you trust that does not harm your computer) and then get the key, use it, delete keygen executable and re-enable all the protections back.
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      Rashid · 7 months ago
      Hi Dear Thanks for your reply.
      I have disabled Windows defender using defender Control but still no LUCK
      When try to run as Administrator Nothing shows .
      only a Blue Round waiting circle for few second and disappears.
      My Computer is HP Elite 8300 SFF i7 32GB RAM win 11 Pro
      Same Key-gen working  on another PC
      Any Idea why
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    Felix · 1 years ago
    Hello, where is w7??
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    T. F. Clayton · 1 years ago
    Suggest you look at (list, offer) Moonchild Production's Pale Moon browser. It's better than Firefox. Also, despite recent outbursts by developer, Binary Outcast's Interlink Mail and News app. Yep. I think it's better than Thunderbird.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Ramsey · 1 years ago
      @T. F. Clayton I have a hard time to see a benefit of the Moonchild Production's. 🤔
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      guest69 · 1 years ago
      @Ramsey There are great fast maintained  browser forks from it /basilisk for winxp - think newmoon or something it was called - as sometimes current mypal crashes for me i think it would be a great optional selection for xp integral :)

      I think palemoon could - if at all - only make sense for a w7 version - though ff/librewolf possibly runs nicer most of the time ...

      is there any statement/explanation from u why no w7 integral? It would've been perfection - now i need to do the work myself :(
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Dood McMan · 25 days ago
      @T. F. Clayton
      Firefox is by far the best web browser for flexibility, but it doesn't run everything right, & 4 that try Joogle Chrome ($cam), but never depend on it, because it DESTROYS all of your add ons & configuration if U try 2 use it on another machine without a 'cloud' account 2 'phone home', unlike Firefox which displays more correct than the rest AND can B made fully portable =)  It still has LOTS of problems like RAM leaks & stuff but other browsers R about as bad that way.  If U want something that leaks a lot less, try Firefox 52 portable, or Opera 12 (about 30X faster than modern browsers). ~>
      4 7 ~>
      4 XP (or L8R) ~>
      Everything else is absolute $hit & best avoided, unless (like i$ed) something won't display right on FF =)  iUse a variety of 'hacked' browsers like 'moon' & others like 2 access 'online application' sites that don't work right in FF 52 on XP, which is the only OS iRun because everything else is absolute $hit, relatively speaking.  The others iUse in VMs =)

      Lots of GR8 addons 4 FF52 2! WAAAY more & a lot of them WAAAY btr than tha verzonz 4 'Chrome-Based' krap that came after, & kan get FREE 4ever heer ~>
      My 'Foxes' look & handle NOTHING like 'default'. The 'unmodified' first install design of all 'modern' web browsers is purposely designed 2 make them all zuk azz & limit yor ability 2 browze or do N E thing else = & just waste as much RAM & CPU as possible, 2 please vendors & 'keep the goy in line' waiting 4 nothing. There is no other reason that Chrome-based browsers, & even pre-chrome Edge, etc., waste a bunch of RAM on a new thread 4 each tab. '$ecurity' is just a $cam word. Yor $hit is already encrypted with SSL sites, etc. It's like how they try 2 poison everybody with (((Clot $hots))), calling it '$afety'. Now go put yor (((Face Diaper))) back on 'between bites' at the resteaurant, U 'stupid peasant fux' =)) ~>
      Joogle $hood do mor honest advertising = wood @ least have mor #ComedyFactor = 'U all need 2 DIE DIE DIE MOTHURFUKER DIE!!! & use our browser =)" ~>
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    Guest16346 · 3 years ago
    Speaking about tpb proxies, i can wholeheartedly recommend this one: https://knaben.ru/ThePirateBay.php
    it has the old layout, which i personally think is miles better than the current one, and has both new and old torrents indexed, including ones that were gone from the official site for no reason whatsoever.
    The proxy is related to the knaben database, offering a live search spanning many public tracker sources: https://knaben.net
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    chandan kumar · 3 years ago
    Bro. Please Upload Windows 7 Ultimate.......